Quality Construction Begins with Quality Material

Sawmill Sales Direct on Vancouver Island is a fully integrated sawmill and finishing facility, taking raw logs and processing to finished products.  The quality finished lumber is sold directly to  consumers and contractors, with no middle man, at a price that is highly competitive with the big box stores.

Our raw products are local.

Our specialty lumber is available in western red cedar, douglas fir, and yellow cedar.  Stocked items include a wide range of rough and planed lumber including fence boards, siding and tongue and groove.  We can supply custom timbers and or specialty sizes to meet your needs within a few days of ordering.  We have a wide variety of specialty lumber in western red cedar, douglas fir and yellow cedar.

Our quality lumber is used for many applications including landscaping, building exteriors and interiors.  A certificate of grade can be provided to any customer when needed for building inspectors or inspectors.

We are easy to find and open 6 days a week.    Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or need something special in lumber.


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