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Western Red Cedar

cedar lumber Western Red Cedar is an extremely versatile product. It is naturally resistant to rot. Western Red Cedar does well outdoors as it tends to shrink, split or warp less than other softwoods. These qualities make Western Red Cedar an excellent choice for all projects and is a lumber that is easy to stain and treat. Its range of natural colors also makes it well suited for interior uses such as highlight walls or ceilings

With Western Red Cedar a huge range of rough and dressed Cedar split lumber sales(planed) lumber is stocked, including 1×2 through 1×12 and 2×2 through 2×12 as well as 6×6 4×4 and a full range of fence boards. Also provided is siding profiles and soffit material such as tongue and groove, channel and bevel. Custom timbers and specialty sizes are a big part of the business and most non-stock items can be provided within a few days of order.

Sawmill Sales Direct (SSD) carries a hand-split Cedar post and rail inventory – ideal for snake and other rustic style fences and landscaping projects, as well as a non-treated option for organic gardeners and farmers. Clear lumber is also available in Red Cedar in some sizes and once again non-stock items can be supplied on short notice.

Yellow Cedar Vancouver IslandYellow Cedar

Of all coastal softwoods, Yellow Cedar is the most rot-resistant. It is also stronger than Western Red Cedar. It is a perfect choice for boat construction or any outdoor project such as decking. Yellow Cedar is also highly bug-resistant and is used extensively where wood-boring pests are a concern.

Yellow Cedar is typically cut to order although a limited inventory is kept on hand. Due to its restricted availability Yellow Cedar tends to be a more order-specific business and is handled accordingly. A certificate of grade can be provided to any customer when requested for building inspectors, engineers and the like.

Clear Products

Clear lumber on Vancouver IslandClear lumber is of the highest quality and is mostly used where a consistent grain, free from knots and other defects is desired. It is very strong and stands up well to all weather conditions. The primary reason for using clear is all about the “look”. Clear lumber whether it be Douglas Fir, Red Cedar or Yellow Cedar is a more expensive product. This is due to the fact that wherever you see a branch there is a knot in the tree or the log. Clear lumber is wood taken from the areas of the tree that are free of branches – which limits the potential availability of lumber of this sort.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Lumber Vancouver IslandThe Douglas Fir was named after the Scottish Botanist, David Douglas. Trees of this type have been known to grow to 390 feet in height. The largest tree of this species (in terms of cubic feet) ever identified in British Columbia was a staggering 12,320 cubic feet! This particular tree was found in Red Creek, BC.

The many uses of Douglas Fir lumber include flooring, paneling, boat-building, furniture and in specialty aircraft manufacture. It is an extremely durable product. The workload that Douglas Fir can handle with out bending or breaking makes it a superior species of lumber.


Vancouver Island LogsOur business, located in Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island, is all about being ‘local’ … local logs, produced locally, sold into the local economy. We are proud of this aspect of our operation and appreciate the support we get from the surrounding communities. All of our logs are sourced from Vancouver Island forests and are trucked to us by local logging truck companies.


Hops Poles (Cedar)

hops polesWe provide yellow and red cedar poles cut to size for growing hops. We understand the importance of organic quality cedar poles for growing hops and provide any length or size order for your hops farm on Vancouver Island. Sawmill Sales can also make arrangements for delivery and shipping. For more information visit here.