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Clear Red Cedar
Clear Red Cedar is the single most sought-after product in the manufacturing end of Western Red Cedar. It is the finest Red Cedar product that can be produced by a Red Cedar lumber mill. There are various grades of Clear Red Cedar. “Clear Heart” and “A Clear” are only two. At Sawmill Sales Direct (SSD) Clear Red Cedar is hand-sorted and graded personally by Rick St. Denis. Rick has held a grading ticket for many years. Drawing from that extensive experience he has learned how to recognize and categorize the various grades of this exceptionally versatile lumber. Clear Red Cedar from SSD is dried naturally over time and is not kiln-dried. However kiln-dried Clear Red Cedar is available at an additional cost. Whether it is bought in a rough cut form or is planed and kiln-dried, Red Cedar is the lumber of choice of many builders for outdoor siding, trim, decking and countless other exterior uses. It’s also used in the home for wall paneling, door trim, cupboards, ceilings, vaulted or otherwise or wherever its richness in hue and texture is appreciated.

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